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Friday, January 25, 2019

Wisdom from the Hávamál: Knowing Yourself

One of the things that I often get asked about Runes and also the rest of Odin's wisdom, is how it all applies to knowing oneself. While this is a topic that can disappear down a thousand rabbit-holes, I thought it useful to post a few verses of the Hávamál that have given me pause and helped me greatly in life. These are about knowing yourself, and, uncomfortable as it may be, knowing your limits (though it is often possible to expand them).

The burning question of course remains: can these verses be applied to Rune-Magick?

The answer is a resounding "yes"! In one's own practice of the Runes, being careful to always respect the culturally authentic meanings, a number of different streams of thought and application organically emerge out of a number of years of experience; one may recount a compassionate side, a vengeful one, a defensive, an offensive, an absorptive, and so on. The personalities struggling towards equilibrium (or at least a stable range of variability) within the aspiring Vitki, could be said to also carry over into the application of the Runes as operative spells, carved Bind-Runes, Galdr, and meditations, among other uses, and manifest something of the Cognizancy of the practitioner through which he sees, with the "Third Eye", the vastness of the multifarious facets of the overall Od-mist of Yggdrasil, that is, the facets of the cycling of souls and energy-streams throughout the Nine Realms, embodied in the different aspects of the Runes! The Hávamál shows the way.

Of this seemingly infinite number of possibilities and permutations of the Runes, there will always be some methods and applications that stick out more prominently to one Runer than the next. Some will be attracted to Healing-staves. Others to Runes and Bind-Runes of stalwart defense. Others yet still, to those symbolizing warrior charges. And those too, exist, of the "sorcerer" personality, those who will dare to cross the "gray areas" of the line, and work baleful deeds when necessary to affect Growth towards Nobility and the truncation and excision of Ignobility (and its thralls) that is marring said growth. This sort of Vitki is a maverick even among Vitkar, sometimes crossing the border into the realm of the fjöllkunningar, or "full-knowers", the shamanic and often dark, shapeshifting side of Germanic Magick - which, while overlapping in some areas with the use of Runes in operative spells, also went far off that trail into murkier directions, and included such disciplines as Seiðr.

In all of these aspects and manifestations of esoteric Runic paths, the following quotes about knowing the limits of your abilities, and knowing your own strengths, weaknesses, and pitfalls, and when to keep tacit, can indeed prove vital to growth and victory. In the mundane, exoteric envelope of daily life, they can be just as applicable if not moreso. Some have compared these verses of self-awareness and awareness of one's surroundings, as comparable with Greco-Roman Stoicism; in that case, it is evident that both are manifestations of a primal Indo-European Immanence which the Greeks and Romans struggled hard to rediscover (and largely succeeded) after the cultural decay of the Iron-Age Pelasgian invasions. However with the Hávamál, the lessons, though less verbose, are arguably more poignant still (at least for the Asha and Arya-inclined), since it is no less a god than Odin who is passing down these teachings to the human listener, and regarding this, it is very advantageous to meditate on them and recite them, if one is able to do so in the original tongue, as a form of contemplative Galdr on its own.

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May these Hávamál verses guide you through weather both fair and foul... even when warning of what not to be.