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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Stand AGAINST Facebook's anti-Runic Censorship : Support Sławomir the Rune-Crafter, and Fehu Crafts!

The greatest Rune-crafter west of the Volga needs your help! My friend Sławomir Taranowicz at Fehu Crafts was thrown in 'Facebook Jail' because some "political correctness" idiot reported him to the ZuckPolice. And of course they "just believed" the accuser and presumed Sławomir "guilty until proven innocent" (nobody can every prove you innocent to Facebook; they don't want to hear it).

What was he reported for? Because he is now making Armanen Rune sets and offering them for sale! Sławomir posted pictures of his different Runes sets (his standard Elder Futhark set and the two different Armanen sets (the "Guido von List set" and the "Gorsleben-Gorgani" set) on his Facebook page. Some spineless nithling with no life and no balls, was "offended" by a craftsman offering the rare and powerful Armanen Runes for sale as a divination set, and has apparently falsely accused Sławomir of "racism" or "hate speech" for it and got him suspended from access for two weeks, possibly more. Ironically, the Armanen Runes are not illegal or "hate speech" in any country, and Sławomir lives in Poland of all places, where the wounds of WWII are not exactly faint.

Fehu Crafts' Facebook page.

Out-of-control SJWs are running roughshod over free enterprise and religious freedom on multiple social media platforms. I have long been a critic of Facebook (and landed in 'Facebook Jail' myself), but getting large groups of people to relocate to alternative platforms like MeWe and, and thus having the pool of potential customers for my friend relocate to uncensored, free-speech venues, is more of a struggle than a foregone conclusion. You are not a real man these days in the Runic paths until you have been called "racist", "neo-nazi", "white supremacist", "warmonger", etc. merely for breathing and practicing a Runic discipline. Ironically my friend Sławomir is from Poland. But really, no Indo-European person of any latitude or shade is free from the harassment and threats of those nithlings. Going after a man's business and anonymously false-reporting him on some nonsense charge, simply because you don't like one or two of the products he offers... is not the behavior of a "freedom fighter". It's the behavior of a treasonous, cowardly bitch.

Ein Grosse Nidh mit dieser entartete hundinnen! 

Soon I plan to post a detailed rending-apart of all the mendacious and vile propaganda that has been spread by certain lobbies and political hacks against the Noble Armanen 18 Runes. I will expose the lies of all the "muh nazis" mewling and puling of the "political correctness" rats responsible for this sort of indefensible attack on a man's business - those parasites of no reputation or honor whatsoever, to even merit being named (but they know who they are), who are out there lying about the Armanen Runes and the Noble Armanen Masters in order to persecute the Old Ways. We must support Sławomir and stand against this dirty mob agitation.

What's more, they are chronically incapable of telling the truth about National Socialism with regards to Runes or anything else, but that's a different conversation for a different time. Let's just say that these 'keyboard warriors' are well-funded and never have to fight for their bread or work a day of real arbeit in their lives. They cannot appreciate what it takes to earn an honest living with your hands.

"And don't forget...  Let's ban traditional crafts and and alternative religions,
to show the world how open-minded and tolerant we are!"

For every hypocrite and backstabber that censors or attempts to hurt the business of a hardworking Armanist or even a craftsman accepting of the Armanen Runes as a valid system, there are ten honorable people out there, both Armanist and otherwise, who will not stand for this sort of legalized harassment and robbery by Facebook. We will re-post the links to our friend's business and products, make him ten times as popular as before, and Armanenschaft will draw in new members and apprentices and only grow stronger than before! Support Sławomir and strengthen the Runic Way!


* For now, if you have an account on Facebook, check out Fehu Crafts and like or leave a positive comment on their posts about their products and product photos, especially the posts with the Armanen Rune sets. They make Rune sets, Heathen pendants, wooden boxes with Heathen themes, and even beautifully carved wooden purses for the Valkyrie in your life. And click here to RE-POST the post alerting others to the censorship. You can "share" it on your timeline or with friends.

* If you do not have Facebook, then repost this article or Sławomir's images and a link to his Etsy store on your blog and other social media (Instagram, Pinterest,, MeWe, even Twitter (*yuck*) if you have to. Spread the word about his excellent Rune sets!

* Or better yet, buy one! And leave a review on it! Sławomir's Rune sets are not cheap but are WELL WORTH the money, made of thick sturdy Ash (the Elder set) and Oak (the Armanen sets), with large chunky pieces, natural stain and beeswax coating, and built to last a lifetime (or several!). If you're saving up to buy a Rune set or two, the ones at Fehu Crafts are the ones to get! Sławomir truly is a master craftsman and designer with real talent, and he does not deserve to have his business hurt on account of the bigotry and intolerance of "political correctness". Please support Sławomir and people like him, so that Heathens, Armanists, and Runers will continue to have truly heirloom-quality Rune sets to purchase for friends and loved ones for many years to come. Yule is approaching, and I know many of you will want to buy his crafts which are truly a lifelong spiritual investment! There are no meanings sheets with these sets but you don't need any since you already can find all the meanings of the Elder Futhark, Armanen Futharkh, and indeed all four major Rune-rows here:

Now that addictive smartphone browser app can finally serve the interests of Runic spiritual development!



  1. A shame this is happening to them, I will be sharing their page and I intend to buy an Armanen set when I have the money. I have read your entire blog and the majority of your comments (with the exception of your Vegvísir post that was taken down) and I will be pouring through it again and again. I also intend to find as many of the books you have recommended to expand my understanding of things. I was one of those people who had found Ralph Blum's erronous book and runes and while I had a strong resonance with the "Elder" Futhark runes, it felt muddied for a while until I rediscovered your blog (I had written the URL down in my note books when I first began studying the runes) and learned why it felt muddied. Since then I have an solid grasp of working with the set I have until I can get the Armanen runes and begin truly practicing. I may make a set from an oak branch that leapt out at me from a hike (coincidentally a few days after I solidified my intent to deepen my knowledge of the runes). Thank you for being the best source of knowledge that I can find.

    1. Thanks, I am honored by the compliment.

      I know what it's like to be looking for genuine Rune-knowledge but have no consistent sources in English to go on... that was one of the reasons I created this blog. So that genuine seekers can find Runic info that is from a genuine Heathen perspective, and is NOT written by a wiccan, a satanist, a fanatical SAP (secular academic purist), or a pro-censorship political nutter.

      Sławomir will definitely appreciate your business when you buy the Armanen Rune set. Also since you are going to share his page on FB, you can also join my FB group "Real Rune Magick" on there. I also have a "Real Rune Magick" group on MeWe, which is free from censorship. We openly discuss all Runic topics there, I encourage signing up for all serious students of the Runes.

  2. I am most grateful for what I am learning here on this blog and the MeWe Real Rune Magick page. Although I've been working with the runes nearly 20 years, I knew I'd barely scratched the surface and there is always more that is needed to be learned. While strongest in Elder Futhark, I have been gradually working with Anglo-Saxon and some with the Armenen. The last with a monograph by the late Douglas Buchanan, unfortunately it covered on the first six. I plan on getting one of Sławomir's sets, but like others, am saving up. Thank you for "laying it all out"!

    1. You're welcome! Thanks for the high compliments :) I'd appreciate the opportunity to post some of my Rune info and links in your FB and MeWe groups, if you don't mind.