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Monday, November 19, 2018

My new Hávamál Translation is now available on Amazon!

For a long time, people of Heathen, Odinist and Runic paths have been calling for a Hávamál translation in English that is accurate, quotable, and doesn't have the discrepancies of the "big three" academic translations of a century ago (Bellows, Auden & Taylor, Thorpe). Furthermore, I myself have desired such a thing - a truly accurate translation of the Hávamál designed by a Heathen, for Heathens, that treats the Old Norse poem of Odin's Word's (including the 18 Rune-verses) with the true level of respect and honor they deserve in Runic paths.

It is shocking that such a thing has been lacking for so long. One of the main issues we have seen glaring up again and again in Runic and Heathen circles, is the total surrender of authority of interpretation and translation of core Heathen Lore, to outsiders! For the most part, the translations are by SAPs (Secular Academic Purists) who pick apart, rearrange, and mutilate the text like some cadaver in a 1st-year medical student's training. There have been PhD professors who go unquestioned, merely because they have a PhD, but have no real reverence for the Hávamál and the other Eddic texts; as a result each academic with a fragile ego seems to twist, abridge, excise and censor passages to fit their pre-determined notion of what the Hávamál "should" say to make a name for themselves in their academic career, usually pandering to the dialectical materialist camp of "political correctness" that has infantilized state university curricula in most of the NATO countries.

The fallacy of "appeal to authority" has also misled many a new "heathen" who is still an irreverent agnostic at heart, to trust PhDs and academic credentials over cultural grounding and respect for the Old Ways; as a result, translations are promoted which have a personal careerist agenda, and really do not capture the essence and cultural nuances of the Old Norse original, and to boot, are often in an archaic Elizabethan or Victorian English which is tedious and laborious to understand. Pages are jammed full of footnotes with academic jargon, which is not based in the Odinic path, but in some postmodern political or social philosophy of Judeo-Christian (or JC-reactive atheist) origins. Archaic Shakesperean words like "eke" and "trow" are thrown about with wild abandon, even when they are actually further from the Old Norse words than surviving standard English equivalents - but some of those same grandiose academic translators cannot even avoid basic mistakes like mis-translating the Old Norse word for "woman" as a "torch".

So I am proud to announce finally that there is a translation of the Hávamál that truly reflects traditional Heathen values, is complete and exact, and most of all is readable and quotable in modern English that non-academics can actually understand! By yours truly! And it is done with Rune-practitioners and Heathens in mind. This is a Hávamál you can actually use and quote in rituals, and use for study as well. To reach Immanence, we must first taste noble tradition!

My Hávamál translation is now available on Amazon in both Hardcover and Paperback! Odin's words, rendered straight from the original Viking sacred poem into English! Buy it HERE.


*Uncensored (not a single word altered, no political pandering - just straight Norse drengr culture!)
*Unabridged (not a single line cut out, no words removed)
*Translated line-for-line from the Old Norse. (the ordering of the verses and the lines is unchanged!)
*You also GET the actual Old Norse text, side-by-side with the Translation!
*Easy-to-understand footnotes (with NO confusing academic jargon) to clear up all the trickier bits
*Cultural notes in the Preface, Introduction and Postface!
*An Old Norse glossary of some of the most commonly used terms in the Hávamál, for study
*Plenty of space on the pages for taking your own notes!
*No-nonsense, easy-to-use translation that preserves all the Old Norse metaphors and symbolism - translated by a Heathen, for Heathens!
*Reflects the actual cultural flavor of the Viking skalds; not tainted by any ergi modernist agenda!
*Useable in rituals and lessons! Reflects the entirety of the Hávamál's content! Quotable and poetic, yet also accurate! Makes a great Yule gift, for the home Altar or for Heathen family and friends!

Also here's what you DON'T have to worry about with my translation:

*It's NOT by a secular academic with non-Heathen and non-Indo-European ideological loyalties (unlike Thorpe, Bellows, Auden & Taylor)
*It does NOT abridge or truncate verses to fit a modern poetic formula (unlike Bray)
*It's NOT by an academic with a postmodernist political agenda (unlike Hollander)
*It does NOT change the meanings of words to avoid "offending" snowflakes (unlike Hollander)
*It's NOT written in archaic, confusing Victorian or Elizabethan English (unlike Hollander, Bellows, Thorpe, or Cottle)
*It's NOT crammed with confusing academic jargon (unlike Hollander, Auden & Taylor, Bray, etc.)
*It's not by Wiccan/Wiccatru eclectics with political agendas (unlike the Troth and TAC translations)
*It's not by a Satanist or a Setian (unlike Chisholm)
*It does not leave words half-untranslated or unexplained (unlike Chisholm)
*It does not throw away the original idioms and metaphors of the Hávamál (unlike Crawford)
*It does NOT treat the Hávamál as a museum curiosity (unlike nearly all of them).

Buy it here, and see what you have been missing! Now you can experience the Hávamál as deeply as a native Scandinavian whose language is descended from Old Norse! The next step in culturally honest Rune-studies, Odinism, and Heathenry! The Gorgani translation of the Hávamál.

When you buy, please be sure to leave a REVIEW. I appreciate the feedback of my readers.

Runes may you find,
and advising staves;
Many strong staves,
many stout staves;
Painted by the Mighty Loremaster
and made by great Gods,
and carved by the Roarer of the Gods.

- The Hávamál, Gorgani Translation, verse 142

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Armanen Rune-Yoga Exercises: All 18 Stadhagaldr and Handstodhr positions

By popular request, I am posting my basic Rune-Yoga lessons on here for educational use!

The spiritual and physical practice of Rune-Yoga, formally known as Stadhagaldr, is a unique part of the Armanen tradition, per S.A. Kummer, going back to ancient Rune-Masters as a physical and spiritual meditation exercise for both warriors and mystics, and has some parallels in other Indo-European exercise traditions. It is heavily based in Od-energy work and is a self-contained system that evolved toward the western and Germanic end of Indo-European spiritual exercises, resembling Persian Zur-Khaneh training exercises more than most schools of Indian Yoga. Rune-Yoga postures are practiced standing up, forming the shape of the Rune to manifest its energy flow. The text in this basic course is my own, though heavily inspired by the work of Guido von List, S.A. Kummer, and Karl Spiesberger. Some of what you see here will look very familiar to you if you have read their books, and some things will be new, based on my own insights and experience in the practice.

Rune-Yoga has its own terminology, mostly in Old Norse and Old High German. Postures or 'Asanas' are called Stodhr  or stances ( = singular stadha). Rune Mantras are called Galdr. Hence, the compound word Stadhagaldr = Stadha + Galdr, or "stance with singing"). The 'Mudras' or hand positions are called Handstodhr. The Handstodhr can be practiced in a sitting pose, either silently or while singing the same rune's Galdr, anywhere that practicing full-body Stadhagaldr is not possible. There are also some more advanced Handstodhr combinations used in a live Rune-Yoga session. In Siegfried Kummer's day, only the outer "husk" forms of the Runic Stodhr and Handstodhr were publicly printed (which were later copied verbatim by Spiesberger, and later still by Welz), due to concerns about the turbulent social climate of the times; here their internal "core forms" are revealed, which contain the true power of the Rune-Stodhr in the body. Since the 1970s some "New Age" authors have tried to apply Stadhagaldr to the Elder Futhark, without giving proper credit to the Armanen Masters of the early 1900s for teaching the practice - though in reality it is truly an Armanen practice.

The 18 Armanen Futharkh Runes and their Stodhr are divided into three "aetts" or "Halbdutzends" (half-dozens), of six Runes each. These groupings represent the phases of reincarnation and initiation in the Odinic-Armanen consciousness of the Edda (which has three phases - Arising, Being, and Passing-away to new Arising - corresponding to the three roots of the World Tree Yggdrasil). Hence the Halbdutzends are also known together as Yggdrasil's "Roots" of Arising, Being, and Passing Away (to new Arising).

The First Halbdutzend (Yggdrasil's Root of Arising):

Armanen Rune-Yoga Lesson 1: FA-Rune
Armanen Rune-Yoga Lesson 2: UR-Rune
Armanen Rune-Yoga Lesson 3: THORN-Rune
Armanen Rune-Yoga Lesson 4: OS-Rune
Armanen Rune-Yoga Lesson 5: RIT-Rune
Armanen Rune-Yoga Lesson 6: KA-Rune

The Second Halbdutzend (Yggdrasil's Root of Being):

Armanen Rune-Yoga Lesson 7: HAGAL-Rune
Armanen Rune-Yoga Lesson 8: NOT-Rune
Armanen Rune-Yoga Lesson 9: IS-Rune
Armanen Rune-Yoga Lesson 10: AR-Rune
Armanen Rune-Yoga Lesson 11: SIG-Rune
Armanen Rune-Yoga Lesson 12: TYR-Rune

The Third Halbdutzend (Yggdrasil's Root of Passing Away):

Armanen Rune-Yoga Lesson 13: BAR-Rune
Armanen Rune-Yoga Lesson 14: LAF-Rune
Armanen Rune-Yoga Lesson 15: MAN-Rune
Armanen Rune-Yoga Lesson 16: YR-Rune
Armanen Rune-Yoga Lesson 17: EH-Rune
Armanen Rune-Yoga Lesson 18: GIBOR-Rune

It is suggested to practice all 18 Rune postures each day in at least one complete cycle. Each Rune stadha should be held with the body, at least long enough to sing the Galdr of that Rune's name three times in a deep extended voice.

After one cycle of all 18 Rune Stadhagaldr, you can proceed to repeat the cycle, or the Stadhagaldr of any particular Rune or Runes that you sense you need additional practice with (or rather, practice in the area of life which that Rune primarily pertains to - FA for wealth, UR for health, THORN for strength, and so forth). Complete honesty to Self (Ichheit) is needed, to crush spiritual, emotional and psycho-somatic shortcomings with massive success and power through the Runes.

As Master Guido von List, Yogi Siegfried Kummer, and Master Rudolf Gorsleben taught, remember that the Runes are not merely symbols, but also powerful living magickal energies that can change the practitioner in sacred and wondrous ways.

Alaf Sal Fena!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Stand AGAINST Facebook's anti-Runic Censorship : Support Sławomir the Rune-Crafter, and Fehu Crafts!

The greatest Rune-crafter west of the Volga needs your help! My friend Sławomir Taranowicz at Fehu Crafts was thrown in 'Facebook Jail' because some "political correctness" idiot reported him to the ZuckPolice. And of course they "just believed" the accuser and presumed Sławomir "guilty until proven innocent" (nobody can every prove you innocent to Facebook; they don't want to hear it).

What was he reported for? Because he is now making Armanen Rune sets and offering them for sale! Sławomir posted pictures of his different Runes sets (his standard Elder Futhark set and the two different Armanen sets (the "Guido von List set" and the "Gorsleben-Gorgani" set) on his Facebook page. Some spineless nithling with no life and no balls, was "offended" by a craftsman offering the rare and powerful Armanen Runes for sale as a divination set, and has apparently falsely accused Sławomir of "racism" or "hate speech" for it and got him suspended from access for two weeks, possibly more. Ironically, the Armanen Runes are not illegal or "hate speech" in any country, and Sławomir lives in Poland of all places, where the wounds of WWII are not exactly faint.

Fehu Crafts' Facebook page.

Out-of-control SJWs are running roughshod over free enterprise and religious freedom on multiple social media platforms. I have long been a critic of Facebook (and landed in 'Facebook Jail' myself), but getting large groups of people to relocate to alternative platforms like MeWe and, and thus having the pool of potential customers for my friend relocate to uncensored, free-speech venues, is more of a struggle than a foregone conclusion. You are not a real man these days in the Runic paths until you have been called "racist", "neo-nazi", "white supremacist", "warmonger", etc. merely for breathing and practicing a Runic discipline. Ironically my friend Sławomir is from Poland. But really, no Indo-European person of any latitude or shade is free from the harassment and threats of those nithlings. Going after a man's business and anonymously false-reporting him on some nonsense charge, simply because you don't like one or two of the products he offers... is not the behavior of a "freedom fighter". It's the behavior of a treasonous, cowardly bitch.

Ein Grosse Nidh mit dieser entartete hundinnen! 

Soon I plan to post a detailed rending-apart of all the mendacious and vile propaganda that has been spread by certain lobbies and political hacks against the Noble Armanen 18 Runes. I will expose the lies of all the "muh nazis" mewling and puling of the "political correctness" rats responsible for this sort of indefensible attack on a man's business - those parasites of no reputation or honor whatsoever, to even merit being named (but they know who they are), who are out there lying about the Armanen Runes and the Noble Armanen Masters in order to persecute the Old Ways. We must support Sławomir and stand against this dirty mob agitation.

What's more, they are chronically incapable of telling the truth about National Socialism with regards to Runes or anything else, but that's a different conversation for a different time. Let's just say that these 'keyboard warriors' are well-funded and never have to fight for their bread or work a day of real arbeit in their lives. They cannot appreciate what it takes to earn an honest living with your hands.

"And don't forget...  Let's ban traditional crafts and and alternative religions,
to show the world how open-minded and tolerant we are!"

For every hypocrite and backstabber that censors or attempts to hurt the business of a hardworking Armanist or even a craftsman accepting of the Armanen Runes as a valid system, there are ten honorable people out there, both Armanist and otherwise, who will not stand for this sort of legalized harassment and robbery by Facebook. We will re-post the links to our friend's business and products, make him ten times as popular as before, and Armanenschaft will draw in new members and apprentices and only grow stronger than before! Support Sławomir and strengthen the Runic Way!


* For now, if you have an account on Facebook, check out Fehu Crafts and like or leave a positive comment on their posts about their products and product photos, especially the posts with the Armanen Rune sets. They make Rune sets, Heathen pendants, wooden boxes with Heathen themes, and even beautifully carved wooden purses for the Valkyrie in your life. And click here to RE-POST the post alerting others to the censorship. You can "share" it on your timeline or with friends.

* If you do not have Facebook, then repost this article or Sławomir's images and a link to his Etsy store on your blog and other social media (Instagram, Pinterest,, MeWe, even Twitter (*yuck*) if you have to. Spread the word about his excellent Rune sets!

* Or better yet, buy one! And leave a review on it! Sławomir's Rune sets are not cheap but are WELL WORTH the money, made of thick sturdy Ash (the Elder set) and Oak (the Armanen sets), with large chunky pieces, natural stain and beeswax coating, and built to last a lifetime (or several!). If you're saving up to buy a Rune set or two, the ones at Fehu Crafts are the ones to get! Sławomir truly is a master craftsman and designer with real talent, and he does not deserve to have his business hurt on account of the bigotry and intolerance of "political correctness". Please support Sławomir and people like him, so that Heathens, Armanists, and Runers will continue to have truly heirloom-quality Rune sets to purchase for friends and loved ones for many years to come. Yule is approaching, and I know many of you will want to buy his crafts which are truly a lifelong spiritual investment! There are no meanings sheets with these sets but you don't need any since you already can find all the meanings of the Elder Futhark, Armanen Futharkh, and indeed all four major Rune-rows here:

Now that addictive smartphone browser app can finally serve the interests of Runic spiritual development!