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Sunday, October 21, 2018



There are now, finally, high-quality Armanen Futharkh Rune Sets that you can buy!

While in Rune-Magick all students are encouraged to craft their own Rune set from wood by hand, nonetheless it is common for a Runer to own more than one set, even of the same Futhark. However even if you only buy one pre-made Rune set, the one I'm about to review (or others from the same maker) should be very high on your list of choices.

There are not a lot of good "store-bought" brands out there for Rune sets, and typically I don't buy them because many of them come from Wiccan or New-age shops, and I would prefer to support artisans who are genuinely committed to honoring keeping the Odinic paths alive. However, I have found a shop that does just that!

Give a Hail and a warm welcome to Sławomir Taranowicz from Poland. He runs the company Fehu Crafts, which has an Etsy store (that's the easiest way to buy their Rune sets). They also make traditional wood tableware, and even wood handbags for the Volva or Valkyrie in your life! Though they do offer objects for a few other spiritual traditions, their primary focus is the Runes and Germanic/Heathen spirituality.

And you get quality from Fehu Crafts. They offer an Elder Futhark set that is solid Ash wood in a Spruce box, aged and stained, it is colossal and very sturdy. The rune tiles also have a hole to be used as pendants if you like. It doesn't come with a sheet of meanings for the Elder Futhark, but I'm sure by now you know where to find those.

And now they also offer TWO versions of the Armanen Runes in oak boxed sets!

The first version (the "Guido von List" set) is the traditional stave variant (exoteric) which was published by Master Guido von List in his 1907 book The Secret of the Runes. This boxed set has a rustic chip-carved look with the runic circle of Master Guido, and a Valknut/Hrungnir's Heart in the middle - the Odinic symbol of self-sacrifice. This is solid oak for both the Runes tiles and the box, stained "Bismarck brown" and sealed with beeswax. The grain runs horizontal just like in a traditional hand-carved rune set. The tiles are concave for easy gripping. This is a real work of art. A premium set for serious Runers. Heirloom quality. This is solid oak, thick, heavy and will probably outlast you if you keep it clean and dry. Not cheap, but built to last several lifetimes. This Armanen set doesn't come with a sheet of meanings, but I'm sure by now you know where to find those.

The second version (the "Gorsleben-Gorgani" set) is the esoteric "hexagonal radial" variant which was used internally by Master Guido's High Armanen Order, and was first revealed to the public by Master Rudolf Gorsleben, editor of the Runic magazine Hag-All, All-Hag and author of many Rune-books including Hoch-Zeit der Menschheit ("High-Age of Mankind").

I designed this set based specifically on Gorsleben's published version of the Armanen Runes, as well as my own lid design with counterclockwise Runes on a hexagonal badge with six Grand Valknuts or "Arhat's Knots" in the center. The negative space between them forms the Hagal Rune or "Mother-Rune" which is also a symbol of the structure of Yggdrasil. This is solid oak for both the Runes tiles and the box, stained "Bismarck brown" and sealed with beeswax. The grain runs horizontal just like in a traditional hand-carved rune set. The tiles are flat and square, with solid lines. This Armanen set doesn't come with a sheet of meanings, but I'm sure by now you know where to find those.

This set is slightly larger and heavier than the first, with a more angular box and lid, and sharp straight lines, and if anything, is even more "elite" in its symbolism. A serious Rune set for serious Armanists and Runers. This set also has complete border lines on the Rune tiles, but don't worry about which way is up with these Runes, because this set is designed to be used with the complete Armanen divination method, which accounts for all upright, reversed, and horizontal positions, without any directional markers on the tiles! Never feel disoriented about the meanings of your Rune readings again!

I got my Armanen Rune set from Fehu Crafts (the Gorsleben-Gorgani version) this weekend and it is amazing. No joke, this Rune set is rock solid and probably not safe around the toes of small children. The tiles are big, solid, and thick, the Runes are deeply engraved, and the lid design is incredibly detailed. No expense spared to make this set look and feel great!

It's stained the color "Bismarck brown" and all 18 Runes are cut from fine-grained oak. The grain of the wood runs horizontal, just like a traditional hand-carved Rune set. The placement of the Runes in the squares is perfect, and they fit neatly into 18 slots in the bottom part of the box. The lid fits very snug, you can even lift up the whole box by the lid when it's closed.

Here it is next to the Elder Futhark set I bought also from Fehu Crafts:

As you can see, both are pretty massive, though the Armanen boxed set is more compact due to having just 18 Runes instead of 24, and also it's more space-efficient with the Runes sitting in upright slots rather than laying flat. The lid fits much tighter on the Armanen set, so it doesn't really need a leather strap like the Elder set (which comes with one).

The Rune tiles fit neatly in their 18 slots, in three columns (you can arrange them in their three "aetts" or Halbdutzends this way). The sharp angles of the lid and inner lip ensure a tight fit.

Fa-Rune looks great!

A close-up of the lid.

Overall a very beautiful set.

Size comparison with the smaller white cedar Armanen set I use. That one comes from Alaska Laser Maid (also an Etsy shop, slightly more eclectic). If you ask her for a custom Armanen set, she can probably make the same type for you.

The Cedar set on the right is very light, compact and good for travel, but a bit fragile. It's the size of most typical store bought Rune sets. The big oak set from Fehu Crafts takes up more space and mass, but I never have to worry about it getting damaged.

Another size comparison, between the Fa-Runes. Fehu Crafts' version costs about 5 times more, BUT it's well worth the money if you want a Rune set that will never warp, buckle, or break. Well, as long as you keep it dry anyway. That's what the box is for after all. Also the Fehu Crafts box is solid wood, not glued pieces... so water will not leak in, due to the tight fit of the lid. The box and lid are sealed both inside and outside with beeswax finish, as well as the Rune tiles also being waxed - so even if it does get wet, drying it will only take a few seconds, and it is more or less waterproof within those few seconds.

I am planning to buy the rustic "Guido von List" version soon too. Both are exceptionally well-crafted, it's all up to your personal preference which side of the Armanen Runes you want to work with. Fehu Crafts also offers lower-priced versions of both forms without the box, but instead packaged in a linen drawstring bag.

Overall I give the Armanen Rune set from Fehu Crafts, a 10/10 score, which is incredibly rare for me. It is, for the money, literally the BEST Rune set you can buy. And Sławomir/Fehu Crafts is the only make offering it now, in either version (Von List or Gorsleben). This kind of Runic product comes along once in a lifetime. Stop banging your head against the wall that "there are no good Armanen Rune sets out there". Get yours now!

Sal und Sig!
Heilir Har!

* Full disclosure: I am not in any way affiliated with, or an investor or stakeholder in, Fehu Crafts or any of its personnel or any related businesses. Any profits from the sale of Fehu Crafts Rune sets or any of their other products, does not go to my pocket. They just make damn good Rune sets and consult with me and other Vitkar when doing so. You may now exit.


  1. I'm so pleased that I have found your blog! It's an absolute gold mine for quality Runic knowledge. The articles you write are of an exceedingly high standard and your insight into every aspect of not only the Germanic but also other Indo-European traditions is extremely profound. All I can say is I am truly grateful for your work and appreciate everything you post. It's such a relief to find solid information that hasn't been distorted and pacified by the politically correct, new age narrative. I'm currently reading Meister Guido's "Das Geheimnis der Runen" and I have to say, that despite it's brevity, it's one of most informative and inspirational books I've read. He was a true visionary! His commentary has helped me clarify a lot in regards to the ancient Aryan religion of our ancestors. It certainly isn't a random occurrence that I happened to stumble across your blog (first finding you through your Stadhagaldr articles). There's a purpose and meaning to everything.

    You do a great service helping guide those of us who have been led back to the scared teachings of the great Wihinei. I'll probably end up purchasing both of the Armanen Rune sets. They do look particularly glorious and are quite reasonably priced for the high level of craftsmanship.

    If you ever get round to compiling all of your wisdom into a book I would support it 100%. Keep up the great work.

    Heil und Sieg!

    1. Thank you for reading! I have come a long way in my Runic journey and I sense that this is still just the beginning for me. When I first discovered the work of Meister Guido over a decade ago, I can truly say that I was at a dark point in life.... the mainstream "solutions" to spiritual problems offered by the consumption society, had utterly failed. Multiple miseries and crises struck viciously at once; I realized too late, I was wasting effort fighting fruitless battles for people without loyalty.

      I saw the first Armanen pendant. I looked up Guido von List, sifted through the mainstream lies, and discovered what a spiritual treasure he had revealed to the world. And "Das Geheimnis der Runen", a century after its first publication, turned my life around. The Armanen Runes, the most mysterious and powerful of the Runes, immediately had an effect on me once I learned their meanings and meditate on what Meister Guido had written about them... I could tell this man truly lived what he wrote about... and it was through them that all the other Rune rows finally made sense to me on a spiritual level.

      After that, I meditated on the Armanen Runes daily. Life began to once again be alive. The interlock of my flaws, my challenges, my surroundings, Wyrd and Orlog, natural law, causes and effects, finally was unmasked and the daze of consensus trance finally broken. It was brutal, but also a relief; I saw the world as it is, not as herder ideologies (both religious and secular) had indoctrinated us to believe it is. I saw Runes for the first time as more than just symbols - as primal creative forces, the keys to both the visible and invisible universe, keys to the consciousness of man and the cosmos - to the workings of Yggdrasil itself. In addition, the Runic kernel-words awoke me to the ultimate Ur-heritage of all Indo-European cultures in their primal phases... of Runen, Raunend, Ravanan... of the recurrent Immanence of Odin, Woden, Vile-Ve-Wotan, Vairim-Vayu-Vata... the radiance of Freyr, Friuwaz, Fravhar... the courage of Tyr, Teiwaz-Tyr, Tivash-Tir, Tivastr. Asa and Asha. Arjaz and Arya. Cognizancy through long hidden ancestral memory began to activate; mysteries of ancestral diffusion across lands, the will of the warriors of the Warg, Hvarg, Gorg... The vision, into the Armanen Futharkh, and the complete cycle of Arising, Being, Passing away to new Arising...

      And with the Armanen Runes awakening this Cognizancy, the seemingly random made sense; it was unjust to myself to expect the foul to be fair, or to expect trolls to be Asa-conscious and noble. The gifts with which a wise man should repay different people, became once I read the Havamal and in 'Das Geheimnis', clearer than in any conventional book on 'morality' or 'social science'. My strength and confidence to take on the challenges of Mittegard, even in the increasingly illogical Kali-Yuga/Eisenzeit, came back higher than ever. And I knew that after a long search in the footsteps of the Armanen masters, I would gain yet more Garma, from writing about them and the Wihinei of Wotan, to whose revival they dedicated their lives.

      I already have a book in press, but several more planned. The first book will be my translation of the Havamal itself, Odin's/Wotan's words. The release will be announced on this blog. Subsequent books planned include new translations of "Das Geheimnis", "The Religion of the Aryo-Germanic Folk", Siegfried Kummer's "Runen-Magie", Meister Rudolf Gorsleben's short booklet on the Edda, as well as my own introduction book to Runes and Rune Magick in its major forms. If you buy my Havamal translation, please leave a review. Good reviews will enable me to better market my future books and support my research. And when you buy Slawomir's Armanen Rune sets, please mention in your Etsy reviews, that it was Vitki Cyrus who sent you to him! I know he will like that.

      Sal und Sig!