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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Armanen Rune-Yoga Lesson 18: GIBOR-Rune

By popular request, I am posting my basic Rune-Yoga lessons on here for educational use!

Rune-Yoga, or Stadhagaldr, is a unique part of the Armanen tradition, per S.A. Kummer, going back to ancient Rune-Masters as a physical and spiritual meditation exercise for both warriors and mystics, and has some parallels in other Indo-European exercise traditions. It is heavily based in Od-energy work. Rune-Yoga postures are practiced standing up, forming the shape of the Rune to manifest its energy flow. The text in this basic course is my own, though heavily inspired by the work of Guido von List, S.A. Kummer, and Karl Spiesberger. Some of what you see here will look very familiar to you if you have read their books, and some things will be new, based on my own insights and experience in the practice.

Rune-Yoga has its own terminology, mostly in Old Norse and Old High German. Postures or Asanas are called Stodhr. Rune Mantras are called Galdr. The Mudras or hand positions are called Handstodhr. The Handstodhr can be practiced in a sitting pose, either silently or while singing the same rune's Galdr, anywhere that practicing full Stadhagaldr is not possible. There are also some more advanced Handstodhr combinations used in a live Rune-Yoga session.

We now arrive at the 18th and last Rune of the series. It is undoubtedly the highest and most mysterious Rune, and of old it was only partially revealed to those outside the Armanen class.

Rune #18: GIBOR

Meanings: Fulfillment, giver, gift, sacred marriage, being one with the sister soul, protection against evil. God-All, death-life cycle, seeing of the Divine, Being the Divine, union of Creator and created, deepest cosmic mysteries.

GIBOR is the Rune that ascends the union of EH into the state of divinity itself, where through synchronized passion of will, and sacred marriage, ascends into manifestation of the God-All, and the limits between human and divine become blurred. This is highest of all Runes, the gateway to the cosmic mysteries beyond the physical and metaphysical realms, the All emerging even out of Nothingness. GIBOR regenerates the Od, and brings one closer to the abilities of Godhood.

GIBOR-Rune Asana or Stadha: Take the form of GIBOR, as if preparing to launch a spear or javelin: left leg and right arm flexed, left arm and right leg extended. 

NOTE: There is an alternate, more esoteric GIBOR posture which was oddly published to the exclusion of this one by Kummer and Spiesberger, and does not replicate the crossbar with one body, but implies the crossbar as a diagonal meridian through a dive-ready man's pintel. In reality, that form of GIBOR requires a devoted intimate partner (with male as hook-stave, female as crossbar), as implied in Hávamál verse 164. 

GIBOR-Rune Mantra or Galdr: g g g g g g / Gibor Gibor Gibor / ga ge gi go gu / gefa gifa gefu / gea geo gebo / gigur geuua / Gibu Auja / Gibur Arahari

GIBOR-Rune Mudra or Handstadha: Right hand sloping left and upward. Index finger cocked back, 4th and 5th fingers clawed down, thumb and middle finger pointing forward and up. Ideally this should be held until all strain burns away.


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  2. This is wonderful! Do you have any other runes posted in this yoga form? I’m a yoga instructor and have been looking for stuff like this for a while to start incorporating into my practice and classes. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Interestingly, I have recently discover that this rune, like the Tyr rune is derived from a theonym. Namely, Proto-Germanic 'Gabūraz' which is the perfective form of Būraz, itself being the etymological ancestor of the norse god Buri. the modern english form of this name would be Gebower, from Old English Gebur