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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wisdom in Nature

A Powerful Meditation: Do as Nature - validate yourself from within.

Fortunate is he
who has within himself
praise and esteem as staves;
Treacherous is that
which a man must own
from within the breast of another.

- The Hávamál, verse 8 

"One must flee those places where life throbs and seek out lonely spots untouched by human hand
 in order to lift the magic veil of nature

- Guido von List  

Ar Kar Har Gar. Alaf Sal Fena!


  1. Beautiful verse, my friend. I don't know if you're still around but if you are please post more.

  2. May we use with responsibility and share wisely what we are allowed to glimpse behind the veil. Sometimes, the veil lifts in the midst of busiest places. A mundane act, such as lighting a match - I was just given to feel, for a split second, the immensely ancient intelligence of the flame. It looked like honey, or the blond hair of a goddess - dishevelled on the nuptial bed of Freyr, it looked nutritive.
    And yet it also felt somewhat ignored, slighted, un-studied, un-contemplated. (?)
    What once all humans possessed - the respectful and peaceful astonishment at Nature's might - is now often intensely ignored. There the origin of hurt. But some seem like they be past any perception. That frightens me. And yet I too act like that - when I feel slighted. Slighted? I bust be real dumm.
    The gods know well that it is not "technology" that is the wedge between them and us, that is a shallow explanation. The gods are technology, in a sense. What, then, is distracting us? The answer to that question is: yes. A non-linear answer, to be sure. But it describes well the initial steps we need to, and still can, make in order to estabilish a learning relationship with the mystery, the numinous, the honey of elements. The same approach is at work when learning Runelore. For example, I felt the love of that flame. Fractally, in a sense, it reached out to me, a tiny part of the kosmik fire we all are and keep burning up in - it delivered a "sub-infra" message and said: "alone? I understand well the feeling of being alone? It is a good feeling, estabilished by the log-OS himself SO you learn true intimacy. But you seem to run away from it. Why? Don't act as a rapist. I, Thor, am here, I will protect you and yours."
    I felt grateful. I'd like to write, so much words inside me, like honey. But I am in love with the Runes. They are sentient. Four forms, four rows. For a beginner - they are enough. And when they say to you: 'it is Ragnarok day' you better believe it.
    Will you slight sweet Idunn's gift? Use the Internet, but use it wisely. A time for company, a time to be alone. A time to yearn for company, a time to yearn for solitude. "Yet yearn thou alway unto me, who am even Hel, thy halved haven under the underground!"
    Seeker of Holy RUNES, Holy STAVES, always under the patronage of Odin, a type of hobo with a golden Mastercard, but in time one can earn the trust of other gods. But beware of Odin all! Old man hits hard!
    Ar Kar Har Gar.
    Alaf Sal Fena!

    1. That is some powerful insight you have there.

      Odin the wanderer, who is both at home among people and in solitude. Odin offers a cup of wisdom whose bottom cannot be reached - will you be satisfied with a sip, or dare you take more?

      Technology has many uses, it can be used for good or bad. The wedge between mankind and the Aesir and Vanir, is because of unbalances expect from it, unreasonable things. The computer cannot solve all problems. The buzzsaw, may help build a home, but can also destroy a land. We are satisfied from the harvest of the fish-net, but fishing wastefully kills the oceans. We must consume to live, but too many have been brainwashed to live to consume. Odin sees all this. He sees the problems, and solutions.

      Footprints are made by feet, but they are far from being feet. We may leave a mark on Midgard, but that mark is not us. The sun does not plunder, but sustains itself and gives light to one and all. Even the Black Sun, emits power and keeps the stars steady in their paths. Odin-Arman-Alvater-Surtur - he shows us to ascend to be like the flame, like the sun. To give, and not become spent. To lead, but not crave approval. Traveling the filaments of Yggdrasil, from highest nova to lowest void, Wotan speaks of the wanderer's wit and wisdom. We are guests of his, he is the guest of the very forces of creation.

      And those forces speak - progress can not be achieved without polarity. Each force sustains its opposite. Repressing polarity for sameness ends up causing death and negation of being. Polarity and duality is a sacred principle. We need both solitude and society, tribe and nature, heat and rain, male and female, light and darkness. Attempt to make everything gray and identical, and you reap a rotten harvest. But when the balance swings too far one way, pressure builds for it to swing the other.

      Odin sees this, Freyja feels it, Thor acts, Tyr concludes, Baldur testifies and Vidar avenges. Humans indeed used to perceive the Holy 18, the Aesir and Vanir, the 9 realms, and so on. Today there are too many physical toxins in our Kali-Yuga to allow the third eye to be fully free, but we can still rid ourselves of most of the MENTAL toxins. If you were even to translate "Asatru" into primal Aryan tongues, it is very interesting. Asa becomes Asha' (God-nature) in Avestan, Tru' becomes Daru (medicine).

      So we are not just talking about loyalty to the gods, or the path of the gods, but also the MEDICINE of the gods. That is what the runic path is. A medicine. Not just Native American tribes or Siberian shamans practiced spiritual medicine. Aryans had spiritual medicine too! And it was far more powerful, this is why the foes suppressed it so harshly, why Zarathustra condemned the evil priests of Turan for "covering up the holy gifts of Asha' from the eyes of men". The person initiated through Runes (Rad-Ravanan) and cleansed by Asha' will never be a slave to guilt or fear. This is the meaning of "Twice-Born".

      Robert Sepehr points out that the circle dances of many Aryan cultures from Cossacks to Kurds to Pamirids reflect a form of group medicine for the soul, rotating around the center like the flames of the sun around the core, the Rune-dances of the Armanen were the same. So were the Parthian war-dance, Persian Zur-khaneh exercises, Kurdish circle chants and the Sufi dervish dances (which Karl von Sebottendorf explored in great detail). Germans and Celts had a solar medicine dance too, often combined with fire jumping to cleanse toxins. The celtic ones later turn into Irish jigs and these "riverdance" performances, but the original form back when our lines, both north and south, all reached back to the Yamna and Dniestr people, was a dance truly for the gods to watch, that the may share in our joy, that Asha-Daru may enter into us rune-dancers and push out all doubts, blockages, and fears. Let us find this path anew. May Fa, the Flame of Fravar, light the way. Noble deeds, lead to the God-lifeway.

      Arya-Kara, Asha-Wih.
      Alaf Sig Runa!

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  4. Guido von List taught: Human spirit + sanctuary in Nature = origin of Moral force/nobilty. Or, as somebody quipped: in order to become a part (i.e. noble) one has to stand apart (i.e. "solitude")!

    1. This is very true. While I don't advocate isolating yourself for years like a hermit, periodic journeys into the solitude of nature are vital for anyone on the Runic path, as much as for the Native American in search of their Spirit Helper, if not more so. Stay cut off from the living planet too long, and you may begin to act like those who want to destroy it for greed. Master Guido knew this, so he did what had to be done, and with a big smile and an even bigger heart, encouraged his friends and students to do the same.

      Before every great transformation and "step up" in spiritual evolution, there must come a great journey. There is often no better journey to take when you need healing and rebirth, than into the wilderness. There, far away from the nonstop grinding and beeping of machinery and artifice, you will once again see the all stars your ancestors saw, hear the voices and sounds you were MEANT to hear. Let Allfather's words guide your path, and Mother Frigg's hands mend your wounded heart. And then - reach for the runes, bellow them out loud, and see just how huge your Will can get.